Golden Burial Mask Of Tut

Golden Burial Mask Of Tut


Ancient Egyptian antiquities are treasured throughout the world. We feature authentic museum-quality ancient Egyptian replica. King Tutankhamun, known as the Boy King of ancient Egypt, lived approximately 1341-1323 B.C. Although only a minor king, who died in his teens, his tomb contained incredible treasures, including a 22lb gold death mask. His throne name, Neb-Khepru-Ra or Neb-Khepreru-Re (Nebkheperure), is depicted in hieroglyphs as a basket (Neb) (which looks like a filled half moon) topped by a scarab (Khepruru) topped by a solar disk (Ra or Re). Beautiful hand-painted cold-cast resin. Imported item. This item is not a toy and is not recommended for children. Approx. size: 12 inches tall Approx. weight: 8.5 lbs.


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