Anubis Jewelry Box

Anubis Jewelry Box


Ancient Egyptian antiquities are treasured throughout the world. We feature authentic museum-quality ancient Egyptian replica. The jackal-headed ancient Egyptian god Anubis is associated with mummification rituals and protection of the dead. In Old Kingdom (2686 B.C. - 2181 B.C.) texts, he is the most important Egyptian god of the dead, but during the Middle Kingdom (2050 B.C. - 1650 B.C.) he was replaced in that role by Osiris, although his importance as a guardian of the underworld persisted. Head embalmers typically wore Anubis masks while performing their duties. Beautiful hand-painted cold-cast resin. Imported item. This item is not a toy and is not recommended for children. Approx. size: L: 3.25 in. x H: 2.5 in. Approx. weight: 0.4 lbs.


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