Ancient Egyptian Winged Scarab Statue

Ancient Egyptian Winged Scarab Statue


Ancient Egyptian Winged Scarab Statue

The scarab was the symbol of the sun god Khepri (Khepreru, Khepre), and represented the sun and resurrection. The insect represented by the scarab is the Scarabaeus sacer, a type of dung beetle, who collects dung, rolling it into a ball into which it lays an egg, repeating the process as often as possible. Later, the young beetles emerge from the balls as if through spontaneous creation. The ancient Egyptians observed this and associated it with this as symbolic of the sun rolling across the sky, with life resurrecting from it.


Beautiful hand-painted cold-cast resin. Imported item.


This item is not a toy and is not recommended for children.


Approx. size: L: 6 in. x W: 2 in. x H: 4.5 in. Approx. weight: 0.5 lbs.


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